About us

Welcome to Kanda Adult Shop. We are the leading cheap, secure and reliable online sexy product selling service in Nepal since more than 5 years. We mainly sell cheap Erotic, Fantasy, Fiction or Adult EBook of Nepali, Hindi, English & Other International Language(s). Moreover, we also sell other sexy product being affiliated with third party adult shop.
Well, we have separate free online erotic fantasy reading platform called Kanda - Fiction for Adult. This blog is a adult entertainment website founded by a few like-minded friends with a passion for quality erotica. To put it bluntly - we have sexual curiosity, love sex, writing about our experiences and fantasies and sharing our stories with others. And we wanted to offer to share sexual experience over worldwide web. 18+ guy can read sex stories and enjoy all sex related contents uploaded into this website for free.
Our terms and condition are intended to make the site a positive place to have fun sharing erotica with like-minded people. Reader can help us by reporting inappropriate content. Certain types of comments, guest post and sexual practices are not allowed on this website. If members upload content containing (among other things) scenes of rape, real sex with a secret person who don't want to publicized his/her secret they could be banned from our platform. 
The most important aspect of Kanda (and its network) is that it is a positive and fun place to hang out. If you like reading and writing about sex and want to chat with like-minded people online,  our network is the place for you.